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Grand Touch EM (Engineering Art)


Showcasing the uniqueness and creativity Mobiado is famous for; the Grand Touch Executive is the first phone to use a SIM card mechanism and the first to be created from a stone hybrid material. Crafted in the same process as technical instruments, Mobiado phones are more than simply phones, they are precision mobile instruments.



Grand Touch EM - Burl

Grand Touch EM - Cocobolo

Grand Touch EM - Ebony

Grand Touch EM - Granite

Grand Touch EM - Marble


Engineering and Technology

VeroPass Protected


Grand Touch EM - Python and Leather Case - Black

Grand Touch EM - Python and Leather Case - Blue


m|Cube with Grand Touch EM

The m|CUBE is a revolutionary new approach for a charger stand. Made as a perfect glass cube with a metallic center, the patented design holds the phone in a unique levitated position. The m|CUBE is compatible with the Professional 3, Grand Touch, and Grand Touch Executive lines and is available in Black, Black Satin, Silver, Gold Guilloché, and Gold Matte.

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Professional Series

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Grand Series