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Professional 3 GCB (Engineering Art)


The Professional 3 GCB pays hommage by highlighting the unmistakable decorative art in a daring combination of traditional and modern craftsmanship.


Professional 3 GCB - Guilloché: The art of guilloché, which dates back to the 16th century, consists of decorating an object with engraved and intersecting patterns. The brilliance of the incision in precious metals produces a intricate decorative effect that cannot fail to appeal and intrigue.


Professional 3 GCB - Dong Son: The Dong Son drums display an artistic level approaching perfection that few cultures of the time, 600 BCE, could rival. The Dong Son drums are decorated with beautiful and well composed images of objects, animals, and people. These images together provide a dynamic description of the Dong Son society, its people, as well as their ceremonial activities and spiritual life.



Professional 3 GCB - Noir

Professional 3 GCB - Moka

Professional 3 GCB - Porcelain

Professional 3 GCB - Matte

Professional 3 GCB - Majestic Monkey


Professional 3 GCB - Dong Son

Professional 3 GCB - Dong Son Antique

Professional 3 GCB - Fire Dragon

Professional 3 GCB - Water Dragon

Professional 3 GCB - Great Empires: Russia


Engineering and Technology

VeroPass Protected


Professional 3 Calf Leather Case - Black (Handcrafted in Geneva.)

Professional 3 Python Case - Black (Handcrafted in Geneva.)

Professional 3 Shark Case - Gris (Handcrafted in Geneva.)

Professional 3 Calf Leather Case - Tan (Handcrafted in Geneva.)

Professional 3 Python Case - Grey (Handcrafted in Geneva.)

Professional 3 Shark Case - Marine (Handcrafted in Geneva.)


m|CUBE with Professional 3 GCB phone

The m|CUBE is a revolutionary new approach for a charger stand. Made as a perfect glass cube with a metallic center, the patented design holds the phone in a unique levitated position. The m|CUBE is compatible with the Professional 3, Grand Touch, and Grand Touch Executive lines and is available in Black, Black Satin, Silver, Gold Guilloché, and Gold Matte.

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