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Professional 3 ML (Engineeering Art)


It would be fair to say that without the incredible vision from Mobiado designer Peter Bonac, luxury mobile phones would not be what they are today. It was within his search for extremes that the Luminoso Stealth model was first created in early 2008. This creation gave rise to some of the brand’s most famous DNA characteristics. Tradition now continues with the fourth collection in Mobiado’s military series, the Professional 3 ML.


In the early 20th century, Guido Panerai created some of the earliest luminous watches for use by the Italian navy, using radium bromide and zinc sulphide.  Following this military tradition both the Professional 3 ML Stealth and Commando use a multi-layered Super-Luminova coating to create the first luminous mobile phone.


Professional 3 ML Stealth - Conquest of the Sky Professional 3 ML Commando - Conquest of the Land Professional 3 ML Stealth Dragon


Mobiado commemorates its very first military mobile instrument, the Luminoso Stealth, with the unique ML Dog Tag. The dog tag is made from 2mm thick solid sapphire inset into a silver anodized aluminum frame. The back of the dog tag displays the date 01-02-2008 for when the Luminoso Stealth was first released.


Engineering and Technology
VeroPass Protected


Professional 3 Calf Leather Case - Black (Handcrafted in Geneva.)

Professional 3 Python Case - Black (Handcrafted in Geneva.

Professional 3 Shark Case - Gris (Handcrafted in Geneva.)

Professional 3 Calf Leather Case - Tan (Handcrafted in Geneva.)

Professional 3 Python Case - Grey (Handcrafted in Geneva.)

Professional 3 Shark Case - Marine (Handcrafted in Geneva.)


m|CUBE with Professional 3AF

The m|CUBE is a revolutionary new approach for a charger stand. Made as a perfect glass cube with a metallic center, the patented design holds the phone in a unique levitated position. The m|CUBE is compatible with the Professional 3, Grand Touch, and Grand Touch Executive lines and is available in Black, Black Satin, Silver, Gold Guilloché, and Gold Matte.

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