m|Carbon Blue

m|Carbon™ Body, Black Sapphire with Blue Lettering, Blue Alligator, Black Sapphire Buttons


First to use exotic wood, sapphire buttons, mother of pearl, meteorite, mokume gane... Mobiado has a long and influential history of mobile phone firsts. 


Introducing an entirely new mobile material that combines art with sport. An exceptional lightweight material composed of thin sheets of carbon compressed with polymer at a controlled temperature and under high pressure. A thin ply carbon composite called simply m|Carbon™.

Luxurious Leather
Blue alligator skin.
Modern minimalism throughout.
Exceptional Finish
m|Carbon™ & sapphire masterpiece.



Forma phones are equipped with AN-01 internals, a new generation of electronics entirely developed by Mobiado.

AN-01 is unlocked WCDMA/GSM/LTE with 

GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz,

WCDMA: 900/2100MHz, FDD: B1/3/7/20 bands.

2.4” QVGA IPS display, 4G memory with expandable microSD, Bluetooth, camera and video.

Lithium battery with 1,500mAh capacity. Fast battery charging 5.4W.



Link is an optional accessory that connects to all Forma phones. A specialized gold battery cover with an integrated clip and alligator patterned leather leash. By linking the Forma phone to a users belt loop, the phone is kept safe from accidental drops. A unique and fashionable alternative to the protective phone case.