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Mobile Art

Mobiado redefines mobile aesthetics by presenting a unique vision of what a phone can become.  Endowed with Mobiado’s radical phone-making spirit and enduring design, the Grand7 is a remarkable transformation from phone to art.

Mobile Art

The copper body of the Grand7 is CNC machined and precision engraved with a distinctive decorative image.  The body is then glass-bead blasted and plated with a precious metal.  A single large sapphire crystal plate is 
precision inset into the center of the body, completing the work of art and creating a center point that immediately catches and holds one’s gaze.

Art Nouveau


A style of art that flourished between about 1890 and 1910.  The distinguishing ornamental 
characteristic of Art Nouveau is its undulating, asymmetrical line, often taking the form of flower stalks and buds, vine tendrils, insect wings, and other delicate and natural objects. 

The Electronics: Absorbing modern technologies.


The Grand7+ Art Nouveau phone is crafted from rhodium plated copper and inlayed with a white sapphire crystal plate painted with the Mobiado logo.  Available in Grand7+ size only.  (256GB capacity)

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